About – Inspirational Women Series


Inspirational Women Series is an interview series with women leaders in social impact, international development and historically underrepresented fields for women. Canvassing the voices of leading women social entrepreneurs, philanthropists and other advocates for gender equality, Inspirational Women Series aims to amplify the power and necessity of applying a gendered lens towards not only international development, but also a more equitable and just society.

Inspirational Women Series offers a personal dimension to years of research linking economic development and social justice to women’s empowerment. Its interviews showcase the experiences and challenges of social entrepreneurs and company leaders (both in the nonprofit and for-profit spheres) in their unrelenting mission to eradicate the developing world’s most pervasive problems that disproportionately affect women, including unequal access to education and capital, maternal mortality, forced prostitution, domestic violence, environmental issues, and legal systems that value impunity. Additionally, Inspirational Women Series also hopes to contribute to the conversation about gender-specific issues unique to the developed world, including the exploitation of women in mass media, the under-representation of women in fields like STEM and business, and the “having it all” debate.

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